Desert Landscape

During a residency at Shaqab College Of Design Arts in Doha, Qatar, a number of art works were created in response to the desert enviroment, aswell as to some aspects of the culture of the Quatarians. This included a series of temporary mirror installations in various locations , some for just a few hours, , a series of photographic works, including photographic self portraits., and a pigment drawing installation.

This work is collected in a limited edition book, available to view on pdf by request. Extract from Artists statement about the experience.

“Lunar Landscapes”
These mysterious moving sculptures, these colossal sand dunes go on for miles and miles, a never ending undulating series of smooth forms. The beautiful linear quality of these giant shapes, the colours, and the glaring, sharp light created by the intense heat of the desert sun, appeared like ephemeral installations to me. I saw them as sculptural forms crawling across the desert floor at an extemely slow pace – moving at no more that an inch a year. These huge shapes made of tiny grains of sand, immovable by humans,move naturally in the landscape. Standing at the top of a dune looking onto fields of concave and convex shapes gracefully wrapped in shadows, with a breeze gently blowing the intense heat about, the feeling of solitude and infinite space was profound.