Cubus, Butler Gallery, Kilkenny

In March 2017, The Butler Gallery was delighted to present Cubus, an exhibition of new sculpture by Martina Galvin.

”Martina Galvin’s work is involved with form and spatial awareness and can incorporate photography, installation, drawing and sculpture. The basic physical and conceptual elements in her work are light and colour, relating its dual physical presence as both strong and delicate at the same time. Her ardent passion for colour originates from her earlier painting background.

Galvin presents evolutions of earlier sculptural works alongside a body of new work developed specifically for the Butler Gallery. This new work explores the use of industrial materials that includes painted steel, wood and acrylic. The installation titled Cubus is a series of repeated geometric forms painted in a range of dynamic colours.

These immense squares stand directly on the floor and as a result force the viewer to confront them according to their own, material existence. They invite us to contemplate space. Through them we return to the purity of this simple revelation, that they, like us, inhabit space, disrupt space, contain space, define space, contextualize space and bring order to space. Despite their simplicity, they’re infinitely complex in their ability to challenge and engage us.

The use of linear acrylic rods in many of the other works in the exhibition acts as a conduit to radiate light, line, colour and intricate shadow, all fundamental elements of her work. Galvin is interested in the ethereal, transient and sublime nature of light, its colour, and the many phenomena light creates all around us.

The painter Paul Klee is noted for saying ‘drawing is taking a line for a walk’. Galvin successfully delivers this objective in a sculptural way using an economy of means that is wonderfully realised in the works that make up this exhibition.”

Anna O’Sullivan, Director, Butler Gallery.
Butler Gallery, The Castle, Kilkenny, Ireland
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